UPL program (available to Thai citizens only)

Train with a fully accredited ICAO Instructor in ultralight or microlight aircraft fully registered with the Sport Flying Association of Thailand. With a few hours of dual instruction, you’ll be able to solo—fly the aircraft on your own. At that point, you may rent an aircraft at your leisure for affordable rates.

Our enclosed-cockpit Tecnam P-92 ultralight aircraft from Italy is fully equipped and instrumented. Most people can’t tell it from a standard category aircraft.

Our exciting two-seat Aerosky II microlights are even more economical to fly than the Tecnam P-92 ultralight. They are based on the principle of a fabric-wing, motorized hang glider. The reliable two-stroke, rear-mounted Rotac engine is the standard for the microlight and ultralight industry.

We maintain all our aircraft to the same requirements as our standard category aircraft, which are operated under the rules for commercial aircraft. Our trained and qualified technicians inspect all aircraft at regular intervals to keep everything up to date and operating smoothly.

We also offer instruction and rental for the exciting paramotor, one of the safest and most economical introductions to human flight.


UPL program (Ultra-light Pilot License)

Theory 14 Hr
  Aviation regulation
General knowledge
Technician knowledge
Principle of flight
Basic meteorology
Radio communication
Basic air navigation
Flying 15 hr.
  Primary 8 hr.
Dual (with instructor)               
Secondary 7 hr.
Dual (with instructor)               

12 flight
1 flight 

6 flight
7 flight 
  UPL program total cost         94,500 Baht









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