AFF course (up to cleared for solo)
- 4 nights accomodation, a
- All meals and all other activities at the resort
94,500 THB  


===========AIR ADVENTURES===========
Introductory tandem skydive

Tandem jump
12,000 THB
Tandem jump with VDO
16,000 THB
Tandem jump with VDO
17,000 THB
First jump course (2 day all inclusive) including 1 tandem
15,000 THB

Licensed skydivers
With own equipment  
1,500 THB/Jump

Parachute equipment rental 1,000 THB/jump; 3,000 THB/day
Packing 200 THB

license required, last pack job by staff only

Club membership (choice of one required)

lifetime platinum membership
200,000 THB
gold membership
25,000 THB /year
silver membership
1,500 THB /year
Lifetime and gold memberships include discounts on rooms and spa, dormitory
privileges, equipment storage, bulk ticket discounts, bulk packing discounts,
driving range, daily and guest facilities fee

Aerial Tours and Instruction
Cessna172(up to 3 passengers)
8,500 THB/flight hour
6,500 THB/flight hour
4,500 THB/flight hour

Facilities fee for aviation
sports participants and guests 200/day
Includes staff services and a variety of activities, including use of the lake, pool, market bikes, sauna, kayak, paddleboats, challenge course, playground, and more!

===========MOTOR SPORT=============
Motocross track included in facilities fee

ATV rental
600 THB/hour
Jet ski (stand-up)
1,500 THB/hour
Jet ski (skier tow)
2,000THB /hour

========FITNESS AND LIESURE=========

Market bike (on resort)
50 THB/hour
Mountain bike, local
300 THB/half-day
500 THB/half-day
500 THB/half-day

Adventure Tower
Climbing wall and rappelling
300 THB/half-day
Flying Fox
200 THB/run
140 THB /half-day

Includes all equipment and 400 rounds of ammo

  Adventure Range (Games groups)  
900 THB /half-day

Includes structured games, judges, and staff
General Facilities Fee per person 200/day
Includes unstructured adventure range, lake, and swimming pool activities,
paddleboats, kayaking, and use of market bikes

Spa Services

Thai Massage
300 THB/hour
400 THB/hour


========= ARTS OF LIVING=========
Thai Culture Courses

Introduction to Thai Cuisine
1,500 THB/half-day
Introduction to Thai Massage
1,500 THB/half-day
Isan Garden Tour
1,000 THB /half-day

Includes meal

Transfer and Transportation

Udon Thani Airport transfer
1,800 THB/day
Toyota car rental
*1,500 THB/day
Toyota car rental and driver
*2,000 THB /day
*airport transfer included with three-day rental
Tour van
*2,500 THB/day
*plus fuel, includes driver

1,600 THB/night ABF
1,400 THB/night ABF
Standard (Resort View)
1,200 THB/night ABF
Tent or camper slot

Please allow us to price your business meeting,
teambuilding seminar, or complete adventure holiday!
Thai: isanfly@gmail.com +66 8 1 974-0749
Yukonton Limpanit (Bird), Somkiat Limpanit (Kiat), Owners




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