A huge "thank you" to all the participants of the Paradise Boogie 2011. Our first boogie here was a great success, with loads of skydives, freeflying, big-ways from both our planes, wingsuits, canopy coaching, competitions, prizes, freebies and of course plenty of smiles, beers, parties and BBQs. Most importantly it was 100% safe with no injuries or cutaways and only a few off-landings ;-) So congratulations, thank you and well done to everyone. Following the success of this boogie we are already planning for a bigger and better boogie next time. See you there!

Updated: January 14th

Thank you everyone for your interest in the Paradise boogie 2011. We are limiting the number of places at this boogie to ensure that everyone gets a good number of jumps and we are now completely full. There’s even a big waiting list of people hoping for cancellations, so to those of you that didn’t make it this time: sorry and we’ll see you next year! Please watch out on the website for upcoming promotions and events.

To those lucky people that did manage to squeeze in: you will now have received confirmation of your place and we advise you to start looking at flights to get some good cheap deals. We’ll organise a pick-up from Udon Thani on the 9th so please let us know when you have booked your tickets.

Only a month to go now and the boogie looks like it’s going to be lots of fun. We’ve got an excellent bunch of jumpers from SE Asia (most of you already know each other) plus some visiting teams from Hong Kong and Japan. The focus of the boogie will be learning: most of you have relatively low jump numbers and all of you have expressed interest in doing some training - from big ways and freeflying to canopy control and wingsuit flying – so we’ve got professional instructors coming from all over the world to make everyone picks up some new skills and no-one leaves empty-handed. There will be a fee for specific coaching (freefly, wingsuit, etc) but the big-way training, load-organising and general help and advice with canopy control will be absolutely FREE! We’re planning to video jumps, flights and landings as much as possible to help people perfect their technique. All the footage from the day will be played on the big screen every evening at the bar and Kris has kindly agreed to make an official boogie video so he’ll be collecting footage from everyone and putting together a quality video for us all.

There’ll be competitions with some quality prizes and loads of freebies for everyone with thanks to our favourite jumpsuit company Deepseed, as well as Cypres, Cookie, Altimaster and Larsen & Brusgaard.

Finally, we’ll be holding a photo competition with prizes for the best photos in the air and on the ground, so bring your cameras and get snapping!

In the meantime, we wish you a very happy new year with plenty of blue skies and we look forward to welcoming you all at the Paradise Boogie 2011.

Updated:December 16

Dear Skydivers,

Thank you for your patience. As I’m sure you know, nothing in Thailand runs to schedule and planning events is no exception, however we’re very pleased to announce that the boogie has been given the green light and will definitely go ahead on 10, 11, 12 & 13 February 2011. 

Nao and Eiko Shimura from Japan and Danniel "Uncle" Lee from Singapore are all on board and helping to run the show, so this is sure to be a safe, successful, well organised and, most of all, fun event! 

Today’s top news: Jump tickets will be no more than 1,000 baht. We are still hoping that our sponsors will pay for fuel and that tickets will end up costing even less than that, but for now all we can do is promise that this will be the maximum price. 

Registration will be completely free and we are offering the usual skydiver’s discount (50%) on all our accommodation. 

We’ll have both beginner and advanced freefly coaches as well as a wingsuit course for beginners, and Nao will be in his element organising and coaching big-way formations. The Huey is still not confirmed (and perhaps never will be!) but we are expecting it on the Thursday and/or Friday. You can also expect microlite and paramotor jumps, contests, tips, help and advice from some very experienced skydivers and quality, scenic jumping. Not to mention beautiful sunset jumps and our charming Thai hospitality, with BBQs, beer and Sangsom for the hardcore… 

All the other extreme sports activities on the resort will be available during the boogie, so if for some reason you want a break from jumping then you can have a go at the quad bikes, kayaks, climbing, etc etc. And the usual facilities will be open to you as well, including swimming pool, kayaks and other floating toys in the lake, the spa/salon and massages, 24 hour security, etc etc 

Registration has now started and as places are limited you MUST register if you want to come. This is free but please make sure you do it soon so you don’t miss out! Send us a message through this website ("Contact Us") and we will send you a form. 

We look forward to jumping with you in Paradise! 

Blue Skies…









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