Tandem Skydiving

Bird's Paradise Extreme Resort is proud to offer you an experience nearly unique in Southeast Asia, skydiving any time year-round. It all begins with your first tandem jump.

"Tandem" means you make your skydive harnessed together with a U.S. Parachute Association-rated Tandem Skydiving Instructor. Our school uses only the latest tandem jumping equipment from the U.S.-based United Parachute Technologies, the Tandem Micro Sigma.

We provide you with all the necessary equipment and training to make your jump as safe and enjoyable as possible. Just wear your regular sports clothes and most comfortable laced or velcroed training shoes-please no boots, hiking shoes, or anything with hooks.

Your complete pre-jump briefing takes place in air-conditioned comfort in only 15 or 20 minutes. Your instructor remains with you from boarding throughout the entire jump and landing until you're safely back into the hangar.

As the plane climbs to 12,000 feet, take in the spectacular Isan countryside from a viewpoint seldom seen by others. You're sure to be the only plane flying in this region!
Once over the airport, all secured together in the harness and double checked (you participate to make sure), it's "ready-set-go" for an experience that's impossible to describe to anyone who hasn't been skydiving.

Throughout the jump, your instructor provides you with valuable information to make your first jump count as training toward your USPA skydiving license. This experience is so rewarding that many of our students continue on to get a skydiving license.

Your freefall can last up to 45 seconds, depending on altitude, then it's a smooth opening (about like jumping into the water from a diving board). Take along a video camera person to record your experience, and carry home a fully produced skydiving video of your adventure!

The peaceful flight down under the parachute "canopy" lasts up to five minutes. You can talk with your instructor, as well as steer the parachute on your own to final approach for landing. You won't believe how maneuverable the parachute is!

Most beginners come here thinking skydiving is very frightening. However, as your professional instructor and you prepare and jump together, you will find that the rewards of going skydiving with a good instructor and modern equipment far outweigh the natural apprehension about jumping out of a plane!

Bring your family and friends! Your guests can enjoy seeing your excitement from our glass-enclosed, air-conditioned Bird's Paradise Café where you and your instructor will land right out front. And while they're waiting, there's plenty for them to do all around the resort.

SKYDIVING frequently asked questions:

Will I get hurt?
- Like all extreme sports, skydiving carries an inherent risk of injury. However most skydiving injuries are twisted ankles caused by students landing with improper technique. As you will be landing with a qualified instructor that has safely performed thousands of jumps, the chances of you getting hurt are very small indeed. Statistically, you're much more likely to get hurt doing anything else in Thailand!

What if the parachute doesn't open?
- This is the most frequently asked question! Fortunately new parachute design and modern safety techniques have transformed the sport of skydiving from a daredevil activity into a very safe hobby. All parachutes these days actually contain two parachutes, so in the very unlikely event that the main parachute doesn't open properly, you can rely on the secondary ("reserve") parachute. This is spring-loaded to make sure it opens when needed, and is packed and inspected regularly by a licensed parachute rigger only.
And just for complete peace of mind, all our parachutes are equipped with the most modern and reliable AADs (Automatic Activation Device). This tiny computer knows when you are in freefall and if for some reason you don't open your parachute, it will do if automatically for you!

Who will I be jumping with?
- Our instructors are all international, all English speakers and, most importantly, are all trained to the extremely strict standards of the USPA (United States Parachute Association). They have licences specifically for this type of skydiving and have all done it thousands of times before. This really is the safest thing you will do in Thailand!

What is it like?
- Of course words can not describe the incredible rush of falling through the air towards the earth, but most people say it's not what they expected! The leap out of the aircraft is probably the most scary and intense thing you will ever do, but after that most people find they become unexpectedly calm as the sheer fun and adrenaline take over. The parachute is designed to open slowly so there is no shock as you might expect and the landing itself is softer than jumping off a chair.

How long does it take?
- The aircraft takes around half an hour to climb to altitude, the freefall lasts just under a minute and the parachute flight is around 5-10 minutes.

How fast will I fall?
- Freefall speed ("Terminal Velocity") is around 200km/h

Why does the parachute fly upwards when it opens?
- It doesn't. But don't worry, this is a common misperception! The parachute simply slows the skydiver's fall as it opens, but to somebody still falling beside them it looks like they are going up!

What do I need to bring with me?
- We provide all the gear for you, including a specially designed jump suit, so you don't need to bring anything. However we do advise you to wear non-restrictive, loose clothing and bring a pair of shoes if you have them - but please nothing with hooks or anything that can snag. We have shoes you can borrow but you want to look good, don't you?!

Am I too young/old/fat/unfit?
- You do not need to be fit to skydive as the only exercise you will do is a couple of steps on landing. But it is ESSENTIAL that you inform us if you have any injuries or medical conditions that may prevent you from skydiving safely, particularly ear problems, flu, sinus or any breathing/circulation difficulties.
If you're a scuba diver you will already know that you may not skydive, or fly in any aircraft, during the 24 hours following a scuba dive.
100kg is usually the maximum weight but a lot depends on your shape – a 110kg rugby player will be no problem but an unfit person weighing only 100kg could be harder! Please contact us if you are unsure.
There is no minimum weight.
Minimum age is 16 but you will need written consent from parents/legal guardian if under 18.
There is no maximum age and many people still skydive well into their 70s or 80s!

What if I want to learn to skydive?
- If you're interested in learning and think you might want to become a skydiver, tell us before your jump and your instructor will take a little extra time to show you what's going on and even let you have a go at flying the parachute. This is the perfect, no-commitment way to try skydiving! After your jump, if you decide you want to take it further, we offer full student training courses. You can get a USPA skydiving licence, right here, in less than two weeks. And the good news is this tandem jump will count towards your licence, so in a way you've already started your training!

What if the weather is bad?
- Skydiving has always been a weather-dependent sport and your safety is our highest priority so if the conditions are not suitable we will not put you at risk by allowing you to jump. Fortunately, being so far inland, the conditions here are very mild and we are lucky to be able to jump almost every day of the year.









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