Licensed Skydivers

Bird's Paradise Extreme Resort welcomes all experienced skydivers holding an FAI Certificate of Proficiency (skydiving license) from their national aero club or skydiving organization. We recognize the reserve re-pack rules from your home country if different from Thailand, which generally follows U.S.A. rules.

Aircraft: Jumping is from our Airvan GA-8, which takes seven jumpers up to 12,000ft.

Prices: Jumps currently cost about $45 USD, which we hope to reduce as more jumpers come. However, we are committed to making your jumping holiday in such an exotic setting surrounded by so many other activities one of your most rewarding skydiving experiences ever.

Facilities: Everything you need is indoors, including a well-appointed air-conditioned lounge with big-screen TV and wireless internet. There is a comfortable, shaded observation deck adjacent to the hangar and café. We are building a golf driving range and swoop pond out back. We offer Thai massages on the DZ or in your room.
Packing: We take pride in our local packers who are trained and supervised by an FAA Senior Parachute Rigger. Pack jobs are inexpensive.

Attitude and Safety: We truly have freedom of the skies where months go by without another aircraft in sight. All flight operations are coordinated with Air Traffic Control and radar service, and our planes are equipped with GPS for the most accurate spots. Our commercial pilots are both military and sport trained and well qualified. We ask only that jumpers take care of themselves and follow the most basic rules of skydiving and good sense to keep themselves and each other safe. There is a modest hospital 15 minutes from the field, and a very good one an hour away in Udon but no helicopter service. That encourages most people to keep it real.

Landing Area: The landing area is spacious, easy for novices, and all jumpers may land right out front. A vast plain of rice fields surrounds the airport.

Here and Around: The town of Sawangdaendin, 15 kilometers away, offers an ample variety of alternative restaurants, accommodation and fun places to go. Our staff is here to show you around and answer any questions you might have. Also, Udon Thani is only an hour's drive for even more lively night life, and we arrange transportation both ways.

Weather: Northeastern Thailand has some of the world's best weather and is jumpable all year round with typically calm or steady winds and mild temperatures. That's why the 400-way freefall record was planned and completed one hour from here. Even in the rainy season (July-September), we have plenty of clear skies to jump, excellent visibility, and the most beautiful skies on earth — no kidding! Temperatures during cool season, October through March, range from 20-35 C (60-85 F) on the ground and never freezing at altitude. It rains mostly at night during the summer, which moderates the heat and humidity. On hot afternoons, we cool off with lots of water or go for a swim.

Alternate Activities: Of course every DZ gets the occasional weather hold, which just gives us a chance to go swimming, take the mountain bikes around the local villages, or ATVs up to Phu Pha Lek Mountain, shoot BB guns at each other, or try out one of the microlights or ultralights, or just relax and enjoy a massage.

Not Current or Need Gear? Of course, you need to bring your logbook to show currency and proficiency, as you would when you visit any new drop zone. But if you're out of date, we have everything you need to get in the air from USPA-rated coaches and instructors to U.S. FAA riggers to excellent rental equipment, PD reserves packed into the latest Javelin Odyssey containers with canopies ranging from Xaos 118 to Navigator 240 and eight sizes in between. AADs are Cypres 2 or Vigil 2. Also, Bird's Paradise can help you with your major skydiving equipment purchases through our on-site pro shop. We keep visual and audible altimeters, goggles, helmets, and many other accessories in stock, plus a large supply of used canopies for sale. Contact us for all your gear purchases - new or used.
Come join us for the skydiving adventure of a lifetime!








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